Testimonial – Dragon’s Tears Workshop in the Tibetan Dzogchen Center

Lujan was introduced to me by one of my dearest friends, Janina, without saying much, but saying just the right things with the heart. I started to read Lujan’s books. Not easy to understand from the very beginning. But in time, it grew in me. For some months, I went to bed listening to the audio-books and allowing his wisdom and kindness to sink deeper and deeper in me.

Months had passed and one day I decided to end my current life as I knew it and discover myself truly. I felt that I was wasting myself. My first wish on the list was to walk El Camino de Santiago. And it was such a life changing experience that allowed me to walk deeply into my being, into my past lives and brought to life things I knew about myself, but in a different way.

Next, the long awaited workshop with the Nagual Lujan Matus. I have put no expectations into it. I felt the greatness that this would bring, but no actual details were added before. I was just there, with my heart opened.

Meeting him, seeing such a loving, humble, simple, kind, magical person, seeing a true example of how one can truly be in his heart and therefore see, listen, speak, act with and from the heart, seeing the harmony between the nagual and the human being Lujan… Truly inspiring. Having him in my heart is a true honor and such a gift.

By meeting him I met also his wonderful wife Mizpah. Actually my thanks go to both of them. Because through their love they make the world richer. It is such a love that has the power to change the world for the good.

The workshop was a blessing to me. Being in Lujan’s presence, practicing together the movements that released everything that I could not release by myself so far, opening up truly, allowing my soul to be free and not conditioned by my mind anymore (and that for me was such a switch as I used to be in control and used to like it), being able to ask what was unclear or just where I needed help and receiving so much (the wonderful ability that Lujan has to answer to one question, but actually answering a thousand questions…), listening to the stories that could have been mine… Receiving, releasing and loving.

I learned so much about myself, I saw for the first time that everything that was in me was not wrong, that my sensitivity and all the things in my heart that I did not know how to bring out to the world are treasures to be shared. My heart is opened and will continue to be so cause I too want the true connection.

Words are certainly not enough, but my heart vibrates louder than ever before. Thank you! Hope I will be able to give back to the world all the gifts you have given me.

Living while I am dying and dying while I am living.

With gratitude and so much love,