It’s liberating to be seen, and upon being seen to be unconditionally accepted.

Before meeting Lujan, I wasn’t even sure what ‎shamanism was. I only knew from opening his book Awakening the Third Eye that the depth of his insight was unlike anything I had ever experienced. I had to meet him.

My experiences with Lujan in the Transformational Healing and Meditation sessions were similar in many ways to the testimonials I have read from others. I awaited nervously for our Skype session‎, I scripted questions I wanted to ask him, and then scribbled them out when I realized that many of the questions were self validating.

In my first session with him, I felt myself falling into a trance state. My intellect could not keep pace with his words. It didn’t matter. Lujan speaks wisdom to the heart, from the heart, bypassing the intellect so that he can truly be understood. My experience from this point onward was that Lujan knew my pains and my joys and spoke to them before I had a chance to ask. He related to me stories of his own experience that began to unfold an understanding in my awareness. He was constantly ahead of my thoughts and feelings.

My social self often tried to fill the gaps in conversation with words, because in stillness what is unreal disappears. In this way, that part of me felt uneasy at times. I habitually interrupted him‎ to fill these gaps. Always polite and understanding, he already knew where I was going and allowed my questions patiently.

I knew the answers to most of my questions. I know what steps I need to take. I only needed to remember. Lujan facilitates a remembrance. I contacted Lujan because I needed to confirm that there are authentic teachers on this planet. Lujan is like the bumps on both sides of the lane of a highway. When we fall asleep and drift out of our lane the bumps awaken us to guide us back into our own lane.


I felt a very strong urge to become attached to Lujan, to initiate a friendship with him, to know more about him personally, and to continue to seek answers from him that are already within me. When one is seen and accepted unconditionally, it is real love. My conditioning prompted ‎me to want to become attached to Lujan because it is a rare gift to know this kind of love in the modern world. That same conditioning prompts one to want to own something that cannot be owned.

Thank you Lujan for helping me to remember what love is, for renewing my faith in the light bearers of the world, and for reminding me that I am right where I need to be.

Thank you for your infectious laughter. It is the laugh that comes from being free. I am sincerely grateful for you.

Until next time my friend…






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