Testimonial – Dragon’s Tears

I enter the impeccably clean, neat apartment to begin my Dragon’s Tears lessons with Lujan in the Bahamas. I’ve only taken one previous class that was attended by about 30 other students so I’m not sure what to expect from this more private tuition. There is only one other individual in the class.

As usual, Lujan is upbeat. His eyes immediately search mine, probing for clues to my inner state. It is disconcerting, but I feel myself softly rising to the challenge of Lujan’s overpowering presence, his questioning, his intent.

We begin practicing. I quickly become frustrated, the first day, the second day. It seems I will never learn what appears to be the infinitely complicated moves, albeit ones filled with power and beauty. Lujan senses my frustration and calls me on it. I don’t want to admit that I’m willing him to slow down to suit my needs. He presses me until I recognize once again my stubborn need to control.

On Thursday I’m still feeling overwhelmed, even slightly panicked that I’ll never learn this. Though I’ve spent most of my spare time practicing, my mind stubbornly refuses to hold the memory. Then, on Friday, a breakthrough. As the other student and I spiral through the movements of Dragon’s Tears, I’m moving easily, remembering what comes next, able to watch Lujan just out of the corner of my eye, imitating the subtle gestures of his hands, willing myself to mirror his grace and beauty and at the same time, letting go of my need for perfection.

As I reflect on that week, I remember certain images as well as interactions: the dimly lit room, the trance-like music, Lujan’s movements, the easy, relaxed conversations that could quickly turn intense, (or as Lujan put it, “Like camping! In tents!”). Like a cat, Lujan plays, pounces, attacks, lets go. He hones in on any weakness he senses, ferrets out the falsity, and working within the context of his heart, brings that false sense of self to the light so it can be examined. Like all great teachers, he knows when to press, when to pull back, and when to move forward to challenge those within his charge. It is a powerful experience to be on the learning end of this delicate dance.

Yet there is something more that will stay with me from that week. Every day, in the early morning darkness of my apartment, I would awaken to a simple but complete feeling of happiness. Being in the Nagual’s presence is an amazing opportunity that can lead to knowledge, understanding, and great insight, but perhaps most importantly it can awaken one’s own true heart center. The movements of Dragon’s Tears will stay with me always, as will Lujan’s affection, which he freely gives to all who seek. These are the true powers and gifts of a Nagual.


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