Around two and a half years ago I stumbled into Lujan Matus’ first book, the art of stalking parallel perception. At that time I was very curious about health and spiritual awakening. I read many different books on those themes, always searching for good material.

When I began to read Lujan’s first book, what appeared was that I was quickly transported to a state of feeling where something was stirring in my heart. Just reading the book seemed to open me up to a different way of perceiving myself and the world around me. Sometimes I would experience a good feeling where everything felt perfect, other times I felt more confronted. Just experiencing these different things by just reading a book was something I found quite extraordinary. I had never experienced that by reading a book before.

As I began to impart the various elements of his message in my life, some parts of me really began to awaken. I began to use my heart as a guiding compass which opened up a very different world to me, it was interesting. I felt I was on the right direction. I also found out reading on his website that he was teaching various different shamanic movements originating from the orient.

I have for some years been very interested in working and exploring our energetic nature, but never had a real teacher, and because of this, I became internally unbalanced, as I had no guidance. Things started to get out of hand as I was working with my different chakras, meridians and with different energy healers, trying to solve some health problems as well as understanding my energy field, as I had become so interested in.

At a time I was very confused because my work with my energy created ups and downs in my being that was very difficult to handle. I struggled to stay sane at a time, and my health was going downwards rapidly.

At this moment Lujan’s teachings came to me as a great savior. I first talked with him on Skype, learning the eight gates. He talked in a way that hit my heart making me feel elation and joy. His guidance gave me very valuable tools to regain my balance and sanity. By learning to silence the mind and staying in the body consciousness I found a way to understand my being in a different way than thinking about everything, which I had been indoctrinated into by my surroundings. The eight gates also served to quickly heal some mental and physical tension resting in my body.

I was very interested in learning more from him so I traveled first to Costa Rica and then to Vietnam to learn his shamanic movements. Quickly upon learning his Golden Lotus form I experienced poignant moments of beauty while training where time disappeared completely.

In Vietnam I stayed for a longer period learning more movements from him. Learning from Lujan has given me a possibility of getting in touch with those ancient oriental art which works directly with our chi to accomplish superb physical health, mental/emotional balance and spiritual awakening.

And probably one of the most important things is that his teaching has given me the possibility to study my inner being/energy field with guidance and balance. His preparatory movements, awakening the energy body, Windlock and the more complex whispering palms gives me the possibility to build a solid foundation physically and energetically. I have found out through experience that this foundation is extremely important for me as it builds physical and emotional balance. So far I have made tremendous improvement in my health and wellbeing after training well for two months.

I see how much my perception and health changes in accordance with how well my energy flows through my body and this in turn gives me greater ability to feel and rest within my body consciousness which in turns helps me connect with a deeper part of myself. At the same time I see how much there is to learn and I’m really excited about moving deeper into my practice and train more of the advanced movements, like the Dragon’s tears and the Three treasures.

I’m happy to be given the tools to understand more about myself and the world around me and I’m eternally thankful to Lujan for his grounded teachings which have been invaluable anchor for me during rough times. The more I learn I realize how very little I really know and this serves me an humble perspective to see and be thankful to what’s around me.

Thank you from my heart

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