I’ve met a few master teachers on my path of metaphysical study, and what I’ve noticed is I seem to recognize one when my own energy level rises. It starts feeling like I’m sweating steam from within the core of my being.

I’ve read that a lower vibration will entrain to the higher level, and not the reverse. Lujan seems to be like a human ‘energy accelerator’. The way I perceive it, he seems to be someone whose level of life force energy is so high as to naturally ‘amp up’ another’s not-so-high cellular vibration, even for someone listening to his voice via Skype. It also seemed to help me absorb densely packed information of advanced knowledge given in a rapid-fire way in a short period of time. I felt a sustained clarity in the present moment while listening, whereas my attention span has normally been like a two-year old in a toy store.

I appreciate as well how Lujan shares all this knowledge effortlessly (“doing without doing”) with a down to earth and humourous way. You only need to hear him laugh with great glee at his own jokes to feel at ease as if you’re talking to your own brother. haha

Sharing a story from when I started the training: For the previous two years, I’d been feeling an increasing amount of fatigue that was beginning to impact the fullness of expression in my life. Not fully trusting my own inner guidance just yet, I had sought out two recommended trance channels for intuitive readings hoping to be gain insight on what was the reason for the fatigue. But the answers were that I was simply going through what everyone else was, that is the physical body was dealing with the increasing planetary acceleration of energy to a higher vibration. That I don’t doubt but it didn’t help me in a practical way to feel better.

Day One of the Skype-based training, I had not mentioned anything about my health, and had spoken with Lujan less than two minutes when he says something along the lines of, “It’s obvious from listening to your voice that your spleen is very debilitated… there’s low energy… possibly also your kidneys… and your lungs sound dry. Do you have chronic fatigue?” And then gave further spot-on insight about that including from his own experiences. Also, as soon as he mentioned about spleen Qi deficiency, I felt a resonance of “aha! that feels true” and made a note to see a TCM doctor for a consultation. I wasn’t surprised at all to find that it was confirmed and am now getting natural Rx treatment for it (including shilajit!).

From the Transformational Healing and Meditation training itself, one of the things I am especially grateful about is how effective the simple techniques taught are for quieting the mind and finding the place of stillness within, “listening to that which cannot be heard.” I apply this practice in everyday situations and find that it’s been genuinely transformative in enhancing my meditation practice as well as all my daily activities.

Thanks Lujan for the great work you’re sharing with the world, and thanks to my inner wisdom in knowing the value of what you’re teaching.

R. Grace

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