From the get go of learning Lo Ban Pai I was blown away at how the energy made itself available as a guiding force felt with my hands and how my awareness has evolved to follow/flow with this energy to an even greater degree.

While taking Windlock, Lujan said that even the more challenging exercises would become spiritual. Over the past year I am amazed again (though not surprised) that this is exactly the case.

Rather than forcing a physical regimen to meet one’s demands of how they want to (or think they should) perform the movements, the energy educates the body directly and optimal flow is arrived upon naturally by listening to spirit’s call as a guiding force felt mainly via the hands (which the entire body responds to).

“The waigong aspect provides the physical basis for “spiral flow” in the physical muscle culture, posture and range. Spiral energetics offers a most efficient, integrated and unique way to train internal martial arts.”

Lujan told me once, Lo Ban Pai beckons the return of our luminous potential. How amazing and exciting!