Visiting Lujan in Bali was a profoundly magical experience. I could not have imagined beforehand how beautiful it really was. I knew that Lujan was a very humble and genuine person but upon meeting him I was still completely blown away. I had no idea it was possible for a person to be so humble and genuine. There was no sense of lofty guru status whatsoever, everything was clear and present in kindness and support. We are all together in the same boat as human beings, brothers and sisters.

At one point during our first meeting our eyes met spontaneously as so often happens in silent moments of conversation but what I saw upon gazing into Lujans eyes was an immensely vast empty expanse that seemed to open up behind his eyes. It felt exquisitely warm and eternally expansive.

I felt embraced by a truly selfless kindness but there was absolutely nothing “spiritual” or far out about the experience. The expansive presence of eternity was right before my eyes in the most mundane and grounded context with no fancy energy work, just simple presence in the moment which was there without any personal expectation.

What was there in Lujan was automatically awakened in myself and it was the most simple and effortless realisation. We are all profoundly deep and powerful, right here and now. Its our nature.

I was so excited by how simple and powerful my first meeting was that I could hardly sleep. The next day I was a little tired and emotional but in that state I still automatically felt completely safe and comfortable to share with Lujan honestly what was happening with me and how I was feeling.

Lujan was able to see and acknowledge deep aspects of my personal struggle and to have those deepest and most painful feelings acknowledged and understood by another human being was a profound relief for me. I realised I had always somehow felt alone and not accepted but being seen so clearly was a massive weight off my shoulders that I had never even realised was there.

From that point on I felt profoundly calm and silent. Whenever I arrived at Lujan’s house to do Dragons Tears I instantly felt all the residual tension or interference dissipate completely when I saw myself in the context of seeing him. I was constantly reminded that all anxiety or stress I may feel does not truly belong to me and it is perfectly simple to just let it go. The way I felt and interacted was just like I would interact with my closest friends, completely natural and enjoyable within a deeply mutual acceptance.

Despite having practised Chi Kung and martial arts for over half my life, Dragons Tears came at me as a complete curve ball. Even after well over a decade of practice I have never felt the chi as powerfully as in Dragons Tears. Each movement I did with Lujan would flood my attention with such vast volumes of energy that I would lose my memory of what had transpired.

The feeling was absolutely indescribable… like being flooded with eternity, a sense of immense timelessness and disintegration, unlike anything else. There is no doubt that these are no ordinary movements. They are deeply shamanic gestures of infinity.

The energy around my body felt like thick magnetic charge which moved my hands without my own volition, in a selfless state of release. It was a profoundly absorbing experience of total energetic abundance, beyond what I could have imagined.

By the end of each Dragons Tears session I felt completely open and ecstatic. There was a profound feeling of abundant gratitude and deep acceptance which was mutually connected and infusing the presence of everything. Everything looked like new, like I had never seen it before.

The surroundings would glow with presence and resonance and my body felt like nothing I had ever experienced before. Like floating on air, yet completely grounded and protected. I have seldom ever felt so absolutely good, and the perceptual effects for me were more powerful than any hallucinogen. Everything was mysterious but so familiar at the same time. I had never experienced a sense of well being that was so complete.

The transformation I experienced didn’t shake up any unnecessary dissonance in my daily life or force anything to rearrange. Rather it allowed me to more deeply realise that all is well and that it is safe to trust my heart and my body’s wisdom. Practising Dragons Tears each day at home has triggered a gradual cascade of deep internal changes particularly in the way my body feels and how my energy functions. I have never experienced such abundant chi in and around my body.

It feels completely different to before I went. I am much more grounded now and much less accessible to interference from external forces. It feels like my true purpose has been awakening on a much deeper and more primordial level than before I learned the Tears. The deeper mysteries are closer now than ever before.

The experience of getting to know Lujan has made me realise the immense value of genuinely connecting with and supporting our fellow human beings. To uplift each other and share honestly in the journey for mutual growth and enhancement. In humility there is always so much to learn from each other and the true value of connecting with friends and loved ones is incalculable. Our true power appears when the heart is clear and sincere.