The time I spend with Lujan learning Dragon’s Tears and Tapping was extremely intense and I think saying that what I came away with is very valuable is an understatement.

The first week involved learning Dragon’s Tears. I started out a bit slow and am not sure how I got everything in one week…I mentioned to Lujan that I think he must’ve been doing something that I didn’t perceive so that I caught up.

I haven’t been able to figure this one out yet as well…but the first time I met Lujan and probably 95% of the time I’ve seen him after he is a few inches taller than me. But the other times he’s either been smaller than me or the same size as me (and I went through the usual suspicions such as checking the ground, etc. with no luck!)

In the second week, I found the Tapping practice on a whole another level than what I had been used to physically. To put it lightly…almost anything involving legs for the first week wasn’t my forte but I improved a bit by the end of the week, and at times I was pretty much watching in awe what Lujan was capable of doing.

Also, I recall there were a few times where I seemed to have “leaked” out of my body. One such instance happened when I was next to Lujan and we were just finishing with the morning session for the day. It’s hard to explain but I felt like I was being unavoidably drawn towards him. Not really knowing what was happening I started to panic a bit…and I think I was trying to pinch myself to “get back into” my body.

I was relieved afterwards when Lujan brought this up and mentioned that he has a very strong magnetic field and I was drawn to this. I additionally found that coincidental or synchronistic experiences increased during these 2 weeks I was in Bali and for some time after returning home: I had experiences of dreaming of someone and meeting that person, thinking something and then have someone come to me with an answer, and needing something and having it seemingly just pop-up out of the blue.

In practicing on my own, I fairly quickly came up against or was confronted with what’s been holding me back (and it wasn’t what I expected). I’m not sure if it was that I didn’t have the capability to deal with it, or didn’t want to deal with it, or just forgot about it for some time but then I was brought back to it…and the process afterwards has been interesting, although I’m at a bit of a loss to describe what is happening.

Also, this was very interesting to me but a number of times in the past I’ve encountered beings in my dreams who I viewed as antagonistic (now, I realize or was told they are mostly playful), but before this realization I would always try to struggle when seeing them. The only success I’ve had with keeping them away in a dream has been with Dragon’s Tears, which they tried to stop me from doing after the first time that it worked so well, ? but after I decided to or became able to not fear them it wasn’t necessary to struggle with them anymore.

The physical effects of the practices were very immediate too: on the day I left from Bali I had to wear a belt for pants that I had thought fit pretty well before and shirts that were previously too big now fit decently well.

New Jersey, USA