I got an e-mail from amazon.com recommending me the book” The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception”, because I had purchased similar books in the past. I read the reviews of the book and purchased it immediately.

What got my attention in this book was the story with Nicholas. In the past I had also some lucid dreams and visions; but today I think everyday life situations are much more important in a spiritual path. How Lujan introduced this story was very promising for me.

So after reading the book, I decided to visit Lujan in Bali. Actually I found it always important to have mutual contact with teachers. By the way you can’t learn “Dragon’s Tears” reading a book. Learning “Dragon’s Tears” is an experience by itself, and this in beautiful Bali!

Lujan is a very powerful man in every aspect: physically and spiritually. While doing “Dragon’s Tears” with him I sensed that I was filled with energy. Lujan showed us how he could move our bodies from a distance by waving his hands at our back. We would rock back and forwards in time with his hands. I saw this while I watched him demonstrate on my wife.

We would visit Lujan in the evening after making a Bali tour all day long and being tired. But after working with Lujan on “Dragon’s Tears” we would be fit again and filled with energy, and could go out at night. This is not only “Dragon’s Tears”, but Lujan’s attitude also! His great laughter would make us feel all happy. I think in the spiritual path friendship is most important and you can find this friendship by Lujan.

That’s why I advise you to visit Lujan and to know him. You will have another good friend on the planet!

Istanbul, Turkey