Like many of the practitioners and tuition students posting here, I found Lujan Matus’s web site via serendipity. I can’t remember my motives for cruising through the net that day I stumbled across the site, but once here, I was intrigued. Excerpts from the book gave descriptions that seemed to float up from a depth of silence that I’d never encountered before. I was shifted…and being so, knew I was in the presence of authenticity.

I engaged the forum and was met by genuine warriors who operated from a perspective of affection and purpose. Buying the book came shortly there-after. I now consider it one of the most sophisticated bodies of work revolving around warriorism that I’ve ever laid eyes on.

My subsequent tuition with Lujan has been pure magic. My expectations (there, regardless of whether they should have been or not) were simply blown away. All that was required was to bring the best of myself to the table with honesty and openness. That being done, and not without some initial reserve to be truthful, Lujan escorted me to essential compartments of myself almost immediately…allowing me access to massive progressive manipulations of this puzzle that faces us all…the puzzle of the self dreaming this dream that we dream. I’ve been introduced to “heart” perspective, and I know that I’ll never let it go!

Thank you Lujan. What a stroke of fortune…of power and Spirit…to have met you here in this exquisite place!

Birmingham, Alabama