If I had never met Lujan, the individual, and experienced what he has to offer the world, it would be difficult to imagine he existed beyond the pages of a book. Like the old Nagual Lujan, Juan Matus, or any one of the impeccable warriors from Castaneda’s books or from “The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception”- his own book, Lujan has achieved a practice comparable in terms to a living myth.

Fortunately for us all, Lujan is real, and, with mythology intact, a teacher and adept practitioner of his art. No exaggeration either. His capacity to adapt himself to his circumstances and maintain a fluid position required me to immediately address elements of my own dysfunctional behavioral patterns, which Lujan was of course the channel for making me aware that he was aware of also.

The exercises of Tapping are powerfully invigorating and strengthening and the movements themselves integrate with the internal sensations that arise. For the first two sessions of Tapping I became physically ill due to a blockage around my solar plexus region. The blockage related to power issues associated with subtle aspects that were slumbering just below the surface of my normal awareness and had become socialized. The way in which energy rises in the body as a result of the Tapping is impossible to ignore. The practice itself has in only a short time delivered comprehensive boosts of energy that I would have been unable to anticipate beforehand.

Learning the advanced series of Dragon’s Tears movements, complete with mudras and gestures is absolutely essential for anyone who has learned the initial series.

Words are limited when it comes to relaying the full implications of the experiences of energetically interacting with Lujan Matus. Energetic results speak for themselves energetically. When it comes to what Lujan knows that he is responsible for, the student is in good hands. I would not hesitate to say to anyone who was interested in getting the best from themselves, go and see Lujan.

Melbourne, Australia