I would like to introduce a topic of potency that was given to me by another many years ago. What I learned was that when I was confronted by an immense darkness that was all-encompassing – when a sound was made upon that vastness – even though I was the originator of that sound, the echo in response to the original intent was reflected back.

So even though I was subject, at this point, to a fragmentation that had scattered me to the ends of that vastness, I knew all parts that had been spread to all corners were in essence myself within that dissolving.

Even though the voice appears within the living construct, it guides the individual awareness through fragments that it touches to experience those fragmentations within the premises outlined. When seeing from this perspective each individual has the potential of the abstract within the intent that is portrayed through their actions and words.

To gather our potential we must realize that we are already absolutely consumed within that vastness, even though the construct presented contradicts this.