We are in a state of perpetual remembrance of the moment that escapes us. Every moment that you experience has already gone. So therefore there is no moment, per se, but only the recollection of that moment, which is reconstructed over and over again to give the appearance that the moment is stable, where in actuality it is not.

So the power of the moment that has escaped you is a memory that you reconstruct over and over again by virtue of intending it, and this is how we gather our power as human beings.

We make a choice and sustain that choice. That’s how the construct that confronts us exists.

It is there yet it is not. We are continually reconstructing the realities that escape the essential essence of awareness or intent.

When everything is drawn to its fundamental elemental structure, is sustained by nothing, yet that nothingness spreads to an eternity in all directions, and the central pivot point that exists within this nothingness has its fulcrum within the center of everything that exists simultaneously.

And that is the contradiction that we must come to terms with as beings that experience separation.

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