I went to see Lujan Matus after reading about his shamanic healing program. I really did not know what to expect as I had only read some of his writing and the testimonials. My husband and I went to Bali together to learn and heal.

After my first session, I had a profound sense of well being and could feel my energy moving inside me differently. Lujan could sense which organs in my body were weakened, and by the end of the shamanic healing, my body and heartbeat were becoming stronger, I could actually feel these physical changes. I have been able to breathe deeper and easier than ever before.

Lujan also showed me some simple stretches to alleviate pain in my abdominal area, and to also help strengthen the spleen. The body work and Lujan’s counsel has definitely helped me feel more balanced and calmed my mind.

The first week I also did gazing, this was an amazing experience. I had no idea what gazing was, so I was very open to what was about to happen. Learning about the quadrants of the eyes was very interesting. I saw the blue glow from the yellow flowers and vase almost immediately. Then, one of the plants Lujan had in the room behind the table, glowed a brilliant blue, on just the frond that I could see peeking out from behind. I wasn’t even sure if that was supposed to be happening. Wow!

By the second evening I had an altered feeling following the gazing. I also saw a blue vortex spinning towards me. My body felt weightless for this very short time before I had to stop looking into it and tell Lujan what I was seeing. He said it was a message. I was very excited to have experienced this, and Lujan’s enthusiastic support confirmed my feelings and thoughts of there being more to the universe than what is seen.

Outside he asked me to pick an object that stood out to me, I chose wind chimes and watched as he moved them from across the yard, without touching them. They bent upwards, not as if wind was blowing them, but as if an invisible string was pulling them. However, one of the most thrilling experiences was when Lujan and I sat on the porch, he asked me to look into his eyes. (This was a little hard to do, because I could feel his power, and it made me a little nervous just staring into his eyes)

I did this for about a minute, he said, “very interesting.” It was then he told me, he could see my lizard Toshio’s eyes, coming thru mine. I found this so cool, as I spend many hours, looking at and talking softly to him, almost as if he was there with me or protecting me. Lujan asked me to repeat this again, looking into his eyes.

Again I felt nervous for the short minute that I did this, however this time I saw Lujan totally different. I saw the Jaguar. Clearly. Like a transparency of this animal was placed over Lujan’s face. ( It’s giving me chills even now writing about it.) For some reason, I was embarrassed to come out and say what I saw. I told him I saw a large forest predator, like something I’ve seen in books. But really I knew what I had seen right away. I don’t know why I felt embarrassed to come straight out and tell him?

I can say honestly, that after spending 2 weeks meeting with Lujan, in a variety of situations, he is a true friend. I am hoping next time we meet, I won’t feel afraid or embarrassed to say or ask him anything that is on my mind. He is not here to judge, but to listen. I have a very, very hard time putting my thoughts, and emotions into words, and it was nice that Lujan could understand what I was trying to say. If only I could have remembered the many questions I had, that I seemed to forget when I saw him.( Good advice, write them down.)

Colorado, USA