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those who have successfully completed the Lo Ban Pai Healing Practitioner Training Course.

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Below is a list of people who have attended and completed the Lo Ban Pai – Bodywork Program with Lujan Matus. They are qualified only to perform the massage techniques but are not qualified to teach the other Lo Ban Pai programs.

Lujan Matus is the founder of Lo Ban Pai and at present is the only qualified teacher of this ancient system.

  • Jordi Soler
  • Jonathan Weaver
  • Jessica Weaver
  • Alexis Cintron
  • Ricardo Cintron
  • Eric Blake
  • Naomi Jean
  • Hans-Michael Kallina
  • Brett Lyons
  • Sergiu Soescu
  • Sorina Soescu
  • Craig Van Wyk
  • Sandra Sokolowicz
  • Jorge Matteo
  • Tod Miner
  • Mark Barnett

Shamanic Practitioner Training