Identification with that which is identified through the process of acknowledging the existence of that which appears is a process of sweeping clean what will eventually be, in terms of the identification.


The reason we excel as human beings is the fact that you see comparisons between that which is important and that which we deem less important; a process of simultaneous enhancement when viewed from a collective perspective.

To see the spirit is to identify a subtlety that manifests as something to be followed by virtue of the indication; hence a state of importance; a prerogative of power.

Identifying self importance in terms of definable reference points or sites that indicate, certainly leads one through the labyrinth of personal growth. Yet that personal growth is the flexing of the subtlest qualities that lie within; the fear to move through that which binds a clear view that defines the path ahead; the power that identifies itself through a process of becoming that which lies within.

Yet the ultimate discernment of all activities is to let go of, yet to hold on gently to, that which irreversibly binds consciousness to the construct created via intent.

The filter is of primary importance. It governs the spirit within in terms of service to that which appears without.

Even though all paths lead nowhere, the path begs to be identified, so as to direct through that identification.

And this all comes down to choice, and what we choose makes or breaks the spirit within, and in the same breath nothing is ever completely broken.