I was in a small village and a small being came to my side and taught me how to chant so as to break the spell the dream had over me.

I started chanting and everybody noticed, and before I knew it, a person in the village came up, obviously very upset, and decapitated me.

This wasn’t a bad thing; I reawoke in another dream and I was in a vast desert of sand dunes.

I looked up to the tallest sand dune and started climbing, and when I began, a man in traditional English armor pointed at me and said, ‘you will know’.

At that point I heard a howling of a wolf penetrating my neck. I had to grit my teeth to sustain the intensity of the sound.

When at the halfway point of this enormous sand dune, there was a dead scorpion lying upside down.

At this point I was thrown back to where I had started and as soon as I had hit the ground I appeared to be at the summit. An overwhelming feeling of awe struck me. Wave after wave of intensity flowed through me until I couldn’t bear it any more.

It was the deepest sense of awe and ecstasy that I have ever felt in my life; then I awoke.

This dream occurred for me in my early twenties but I believe the whole dream has a significance that is my life from beginning to end.

When I saw the scorpion in the dream I knew that it meant interference from those who oppose me. I also realized that the scorpion being upside down and dead related to me that the ones that will interfere with me are dead souls, or dead to themselves because they can’t go beyond the limitations of their living death, which they cling to through the element of interference.

The whole significance of the dream as one unit was important for me then and still is important for me now because what the falling from that position where the scorpion lay meant is something that I will have to wrestle with I think for most of my life.

When I saw the scorpion I fell backwards, but at the point of hitting the solid ground beneath that position, I simultaneously was at the summit. And there at that summit there was a wave of energy which I perceived and still perceive as all-encompassing, that bathed me in a sense of unity that allows me to know something more beyond the dead scorpion.

So there it is. And I think all of us are faced with this dilemma on our journey; how to deal with this when we are that.

And how to sustain that while we are confronted by this.