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Moon Gazing Technique

Note: The Mayan Winged Serpent Series has been updated and is now called the Golden Lotus. The difference with this set is that advanced dragon coiling from the system of Lo Ban Pai was incorporated. This affects the series of movements in terms of awakening the transdimensional aspects of the DNA remembering itself in human consciousness as visionary states witnessed within one’s dreaming.

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Excerpt from Awakening the Third Eye

This moon gazing technique allows the practitioner to establish three areas of perception that solidify the attention corresponding to the moon within the body.

It will increase immunity and link one’s biorhythms harmoniously with the essence of the moon itself. As a wave caresses the shore, so will perception move in correspondence with the moon’s appearance within this reality.

This technique is also taught in conjunction with the Golden Lotus.

You must choose a night with a full moon. Gaze up at the full moon, looking directly at it with a hard gaze. Gaze until it feels that the moon is beginning to ‘burn’ into you.


Move the gaze to the moon’s periphery. This may feel like a few centimeters away.

Starting at the 12 o’clock position above the moon, gaze for a few moments, with the moon clearly visible in the periphery below, then shift the gaze to the 3 o’clock position… then the 6 o’clock… then the 9 o’clock… and then gaze once again directly at the moon for a little while.

Repeat the process two more times for a total of three rotations. End the third rotation at the 12 o’clock position then move directly down to the 6 o’clock position, so the moon immediately begins to ascend.

Gaze at that position with the moon above in the periphery. Gaze at the 6 o’clock position until the moon begins to worm its way, like a snake, upward.

From the 12 o'clock position the eyes should descend quickly,

well below normal peripheral gazing. Once the eyes drop like this the spirit ascends to eternity, capturing the moon in its wake, then the moon wiggles up into the sky. There is a possibility for the surrounding stars to shift their positions dramatically when practicing this technique.

Notes on Quetzalcoatl Moon Gazing:
The essential purpose behind the Quetzalcoatl Moon Gazing technique is to infuse the upper and lower regions of the third eye with the power of moonlight that ascends and then returns to become the power that combines with the warrior as a nurturing heat that will automatically transform in comparison to the magic available. There are movements that are to be combined with the Quetzalcoatl moon gazing technique that I have had guardianship of. These are now being made available to the public.

Q:With the Quetzalcoatl Moon Gazing Technique, I remember you once said to walk away if nothing was happening after the third rotation - i.e. not to start the technique over again if one didn't see the moon worm its way up. Is it alright to practice the technique three nights in a row; the day before, the day of, and the day after the full moon?I practiced the technique last night, not quite aware that it was the day before full moon. I then proceeded to go to bed, intending to sleep lightly, and was held within the exquisite image of a colorfully shimmering moon through many hours of my sleep. I would like to keep practicing this if there isn't a reason to not do this.

It is best to perform the technique on the full moon only. The waning phases of the moon have been traditionally used for magic, especially the crescent moon. Any portions of darkness that exist beyond the phase of the full moon may have embedded within them undesirable intent.