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The audiobook version of Who Am I?: An In-Depth Guide To Empathic Communion is available for purchase on Audible.

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About “Who Am I? An In-Depth Guide To Empathic Communion”

Who am I, if not my heart? A close encounter with the mysterious force field universally known as the white light, triggers a series of catalytic awakenings that deliver radical insights into what it means to be alive. In sharing these revelatory seeds of consciousness, Lujan Matus invites us to openly examine bias and discover where our alignments are leading us.

Incalculable variables of vibration define our reality from A to Z. In a rapidly changing technological and social context, it is now time we took a very close look at the pervasive influence of frequency upon our perception and behavior, both individually and collectively.
To be governed by heart awareness within our personal application to the world is how we can reassign our attention to what actually matters. Pure feeling guides us into our innate ability to infuse with one another to the point where we experience unified consciousness. Full remembrance of this empathic communion is an evolutionary imperative whose time has come.

Authenticity and taking the risk to truly care are not only crucial to our survival but necessary traits indicating readiness to participate in the greater galactic community. Beyond our earthly holding zone communication is sent and received as direct energetic transmissions that transcend cultural or species-based codes and boundaries. Truth and sincerity is the only currency that has value, and nothing less will open this elusive door.

By introducing perspectives that enable us to look beyond the thresholds we are contained within, this book shines a powerful light upon the lies and limitations that have been perpetuated towards humankind. Controversial and necessary, these internal illuminations have the power to change the world, for they will change you. Are you ready? You’ve only your illusions to lose.

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars – Simply Life Changing
June 18, 2018, By MN

It is hard to describe in words how deeply this book and Lujan’s teachings have changed my life, this book gave me tools to observe myself through each interaction.

I am now able to recognize when I am not communicating from my heart when I am held by limiting behaviors and beliefs. I am able to see and understand myself and others better and through that I found gratitude, compassion, love and joy. Since the first time I read it, it felt as if finally I have found the way to a place where my heart is quiet and my intentions, communication and actions are synced.

I find myself going back to reading it over and over again and each time new realizations and answers to current questions appear. It is a true gift and a path to freedom.
5.0 out of 5 stars – Lujan’s latest book packs a powerful wow. With simplicity …
July 1, 2018, By Gwen23

Lujan beautifully weaves together the universe’s endless creativity with elegant simplicity.

“Who Am I?” reveals missing links from within the rabbit holes of hidden history, energetic schools, physical healing and diet, as well as interpersonal behavior. It explains applications for daily life, all seen from the vantage point of an eye witness. The stories within this book illustrate how behavior which exists within each of us can translate into the world around us, eventually reflecting back to us.

Click Here To Obtain "Who Am I?" On Audible

Cover art by Grinning Tree.

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