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All testimonials from 2014 onwards are now posted on the Parallel Perception Blog.

There are many pages of testimonials from previous years and the most recent are posted last. In order to read them you will need to follow the links at the bottom of each page.



This is what I have learned from Lujan: that it’s possible to live with integrity, to be grounded in the heart, to find a teacher of wisdom who lives what he teaches, who steps lightly and with a sense of humor, and who points the way with compassion and kindness.

Lujan invites you to meet him at the crossroad, to join him on the journey, to follow, not his path, but your own, the one that winds and twists in unexpected ways, that leads to the heart, and that will always disappear around the next bend….

Elizabeth Aires.

California, USA

henk“What Lujan does could be confused with the modern phenomena of “Life Coaching”, but unlike that approach Lujan employs proven methods dating back thousands of years, coupled with his skill as an awakened seer to deliver something more akin to “Quantum Being Actualization Coaching” –a term I am still expanding.”

Henk Boshoff
South Africa

howard1“Without reservation I can say the two weeks I spent under the tutelage of Lujan Matus were the most intense, demanding, and rewarding of my life.

He is without a doubt the most elegant human being I have ever met, and the shift his mere presence created within me continues.”

H. Vadnais

lujanmatustestimonial“Dragon’s Tears are very beautiful and graceful movements, which are changing my awareness immediately in a way, that I feel a deep trance and witness the movement of my body.

The form is formless and the hands are automatically manipulating electromagnetic energy by their own intelligence. Every day the practice is different, it looks similar, but feels very different.

The practice was a key to understand hidden secrets of Chinese martial art, not because of the hidden martial applications in the movements, but because of a changed awareness, which makes accessible hidden truth and secrets in teachings.

Dragon’s Tears is a mystery for me. Real magic.”



shaman“Lujan will not “give” you anything. The strange thing is that you don’t need to be “given” anything. You have inside you already all the things that you will ever need in this life.

Lujan with his system of knowledge is a key to unlocking this power that resides within you, but the work is still yours to do. I can personally assure you through my own experiences with him that he definitely holds the key to our closed doors.”

Atlanta, USA


shamanichealing“I want to share with you an extraordinary peculiarity that I believe the Nagual Lujan possess. When I was with him I felt released and comfortable. I opened myself and I was able to trust him because his energy was strong, but kind of neutral.

This “neutrality” was kind of mysterious to me because I never felt somebody “neutral”. Until I realize that he has the perfect, and the strongest energy fusion, the androgynous, I think that a Nagual like Lujan is beyond energy gender or even an energy species.

I really recommend Lujan’s workshops, I assure you that you will meet a precious soul and an amazing healer!”



naguallujan“My time with Lujan snapped a lot of holding patterns and broke my experimenting with any drugs leaving me completely sober ever since (almost coming up to a decade now).

For this I’m forever grateful, as I believe Lujan saved my life.”



naguallujan“The benefits you receive from the practice are proportionate to how willing you are to face yourself. The practice will open you up and empty you out. The feeling that I have after practicing is that every cell in my body is activated, vibrating and alive, and I am experiencing a calmness, which I have never possessed before.

Magical things will occur, but they are no more important than anything else. The practice is a never-ending process, an endless challenge.”

Callum Mclean
New Zealand


lujanmatusdragonstears“Lujan is fluid and loving, taking the role of whatever is most appropriate at any moment, and he would adapt the techniques he would show me according to what was most effective at the time.

The resulting effects are hard to define. I found myself suddenly crying as I drove back home from the airport about how beautiful life is, I feel much clearer than before, open, and I find myself falling out of bad habits without realizing it.”


“Without any restraint whatsoever, I tell you that involvement on Parallel Perception and with Lujan Matus will create opportunity for potent change in your life!

Creative and powerful in exchange, Lujan travels through the human voice to the core—to the heart of the matter. He will befriend but he will also examine ruthlessly.

Our mutual exchange allowed me to enrich my capacity to respond from my heart in ways that continue to unfold.”

Jessica Rzeszewski

“Despite having practised Chi Kung and martial arts for over half my life, Dragons Tears came at me as a complete curve ball. Even after well over a decade of practice I have never felt the chi as powerfully as in Dragons Tears.

The feeling was absolutely indescribable… like being flooded with eternity, a sense of immense timelessness and disintegration, unlike anything else. There is no doubt that these are no ordinary movements. They are deeply shamanic gestures of infinity.”

Ben Chandler

“Lujan created the space for my own true resources to come forth and gave me tools that allowed me to transform myself.He shows a way to live that wakes you up to remembering very deep levels of what we are as human beings.”

Michael Armstrong
Filmmaker – The Cosmic Giggle

“To meet a person that I could “tell my issues” to and know that he would tell me the truth from his heart and then empower the real me-who I am in my heart, was exactly what I was searching for.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time speaking with Lujan in heightened awareness and to feel eternity in the passing seconds.”

Tod Miner

“The Tears give me a doorway into the matrix of this world and enhance my toolbox so beautifully. I now understand what was missing for me in the Tai Chi forms that I practise for 14 years and teach. Lujan is an amazing man of our times.”

South Africa

“Lujan’s presence and unique wisdom in perception catalyzed for me a self reflection process that has accelerated my own perception through assimilation of the mysterious silent part of myself.

The process has been both challenging and mysterious, allowing my being to enter unsolved and disconnected parts of myself, resolve these parts and seal them in order for my being to walk through a new gate of perception and wondrous silence.

Dragons’ Tears has become a new guide and feedback for me in understanding my subtle energy and my untapped potential.. Like the sunrise, which is always filled with daily uniqueness, so too the practice of Dragons’ Tears fills each day with unique and new awareness.”


“I feel like I have learned so much about myself and grown on my journey. The movements are very powerful but what is most amazing is how much more silence and awareness I am experiencing in my daily life. I feel like I am on the threshold of discovering hidden secrets about myself and the world.”


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