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About “Whisperings of the Dragon: Shamanic Practices to Awaken Your Primal Power”

The revolution begins within, and this is a step-by-step guide to setting your personal metamorphosis in motion, effective immediately.

Lujan Matus reveals here, in clear and accessible language, how to recover your authentic self, using the simplest yet most profoundly useful techniques you could ever apply. Complex processes of socialization distance us from our original essence very early on in our formation.

Our socio-cultural inheritance weighs heavily on our intangible self and is reflected in an erosion of trust in our intuitive knowing and a consequent inability to see and do what is truly necessary. This dilemma of conditioning, no matter where we are from and however aware we become of its intricacies, cannot be addressed by merely thinking about it.

A complete turnaround is required. Restoring our natural state of inner silence, that elusive axis of enlightenment, is our golden key to personal and collective freedom, and providing a precise and practical way to do that is exactly what this book achieves.

Your journey through the Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake will open the door for your primal essence to return to your present moment continuum. This book delivers ancient shamanic wisdom and quantic insights that allow precious points of arrival to be sustained within the power of one’s omnipresence.

The techniques in this book can be successfully applied to any ideology, religion or philosophy.

Customer Reviews
At Last, a New Classic that Delivers

This text was a game-changer. The most useful guide to engage and develop spiritually, through skill development, while keeping it real and practical.

The Author starts at the beginning and sketches the problem, our predicament. Then, in the spirit of the oral transmissions at the source of these teachings, he begins three processes with the reader:

A) Describing the way out, with theory, explanations, pitfalls, etc, while
B) Teaching a step-by-step practice to develop the skills without which the theory would mean nothing, while
C) Guiding the reader to have a series of experiences, and then building the learning on them, so one learns from one’s own experiences.

The Eight Gates of Dreaming Awake maps a quick and personal path beyond the chattering mind to Inner Silence, and the supporting theory means one knows what to do with the inner silence when one arrives within it. Exactly how quick is a prime reason I finally decide to post a book review. How to take this skill, and the 8 Gates from practice into everyday living rounds it all off. This is ‘mastery of awareness’ in its essential form –as a reality.

IMHO I sense the heart of Taoism here, before it got burdened with baggage and the superfluous. It matters not what brand of path you follow, this book teaches a skill you need on your path.

>>> Recommended for Meditators, Zen, Daoist, Shamanism, Toltec and other spiritual practitioners.
BTW, Readers of Castaneda’s Don Juan teachings, as well as those involved in internal martial arts or QiGong are in for a treat.


A life enhancing and deepening treasure

Lujan Matus is a living embodiment of this highly sought after state of human actualization. He has the purest heart I have ever witnessed. He is a testament to the fact that no matter what you have endured, no matter what life has brought your way, you can absolutely live without guilt or fear or other dense emotional conflicts, in a perpetual sense of mirth, discernment, loving connection, detached engagement, and integrity.

In `Whisperings of the Dragon’ Lujan outlines man’s descent from innocence into mind energy which leads to a polarized life experience that keeps one blindly waylaid from aspects of self that are in dire need of our attention. Here within you will learn closely guarded ancient shamanic secrets to literally effortlessly make the journey back into your essential state of being, releasing the stranglehold that has held at bay that sense of childhood wonder and pure presence.

Without having to abandon what you love. Without having to adhere to any particular dogma, or make unwarranted sacrifices or engage in constraining ritual or practice. The journey to realization of the truth begins with you. And within these pages you will find the airplane route to making this journey.


One of the most important books ever written

This book may be one of the most important books ever written which addresses human awareness, our most precious thing as human beings.

Lujan introduces us to elements of socialization that we have integrated that has swayed us from ourselves and who we truly are. The way which we have been conditioned since childhood has made us so lost and this has in turn created the human mind which talks to itself all the time. The one reading this might ask, what is the problem of talking to ourselves?

To really understand that question you have to experience being of no mind and to stop the constant internal dialogue. Then you will feel and be what you could never dreamed of, experiencing this world as something very different to what was previously experienced.

So how can we find this silence of the mind? This is where this amazing book gives us techniques and understanding so we can find what has been forgotten.

I enjoyed the whole book and using the techniques works very well to achieve silence and this happens quickly.

I truly recommend this book to everyone wanting to find real truth and meaning to their lives. I believe this book is so important because it has the potential to change the course of our lives to the better.

There’s probably no other book I would recommend more to someone on the matter of personal/spiritual development.

Endre Mykland Lunåshaug

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