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About “Awakening the Third Eye: Discovering the True Essence of Recapitulation”

Our third eye is nothing less than a porthole to gnosis. We have an inbuilt ability to access infinite wisdom that is absolutely pertinent to our lives, yet is often inaccessible due to its enigmatic nature.

Glimpses of our universal connectivity come to us in subtleties, signs, and intuitions that brush against us gently or urgently, bringing vital messages that link us to a larger arena of activity, relentlessly inviting us to become aware of our galactic context. These are veiled communications from our third eye matrix. To cultivate receptiveness to this ongoing exchange is to travel into full remembrance of who we are.

This audiobook offers invaluable insight into how to recognize and develop your own relationship with the magical faculty of third eye seeing and ways to integrate that into daily life practices.

Lujan Matus deftly ushers us into the heart of the mysteries of perception and consciousness, presenting new perspectives on our place in the universe and what we are capable of. His teachings trigger welcome revolutions in consciousness and the many techniques he gives here are powerful tools for personal transformation.

Amongst those techniques are exercises for becoming aware of the blue spectrum, the highest vibration of light, where all manner of energetic activity is taking place in an eternally fluctuating exchange. Developing the capacity to perceive that luminous interactivity reveals a magical aspect of seeing which inevitably becomes a conduit to a new way of being.

This publication broadens the bandwidth, illuminating with dimensional yet practical information and clearly indicating an entry point into parallel perceptions, possibilities, and potentialities such as we have only dreamed of.

Customer Reviews

Lujan Matus is a genuine voice of Truth in the world today. What is so valuable about this particular book is that Lujan shares practical techniques that have the power to profoundly enhance one’s awareness. Having personally practiced many of these techniques for over two years, I can attest to their validity, simplicity, and effectiveness.

This book is an invitation to take action, and its contents have been an invaluable resource on my own journey and re-discovery. I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to anybody looking to live an authentic life; rather than one pre-defined and confined by what has been socially laid out.


Genuine and Spiritually Alive

This book is invaluable and expands on Lujan’s first book in ways I could have never imagined, which shows me how much more we can expect to hear and learn from Lujan Matus in the future. As I read the book I was amazed many times by Lujan’s ability to clearly and poignantly describe intricacies that I had assumed to be ineffable, if it were not written on paper right in front of me. I had profound moments of recognition that left me with a firm grasp on wisdom that was lying dormant within me.

Instead of merely learning something about the Third Eye I had the feeling of being trained on layers of consciousness beyond my understanding. The awakening of the third eye seems to be naturally unfolding when we access the nuggets of information imbedded in the deeper layers of the book.


How to Face Yourself… If you want to

This book teaches practical skills.

The ‘theory’ around the many of the topics it covers is also fresh, insightful, and relevant.
If you plan to read and put into practice, this is the book for you.


Very Instrumental

While in Carlos Castaneda’s books you would need to sift up and down for clues to follow on Toltec/Mayan paths, Lujan Matus provides you with plain clean techniques to proceed, along with very helpful questions by his students and comments on his side.

Worth every penny.


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