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Lo Ban Pai/Spiral Energetics: Programs Summary


Spiritual Guidance

This online program is ideal as an introduction to Lujan’s teachings as well as for those who are unable to attend private tuition or group workshops. Interact with Lujan via Skype for guidance or counseling sessions.

As a seer Lujan goes directly to the heart of matters, without judgment, to support clients to align with their life path and/or presenting issues. The student will have the opportunity to explore their unique circumstances to identify barriers to personal power and emotional freedom.

Training Programs

To enable students who attend in block weeks to learn in a traditional way, Lujan has developed standardized programs. This involves teaching certain details ahead of curriculum to lay a foundation that prepares students for future training while ensuring progression along a basic-to-advanced learning path.

Lo Ban Pai Initiation Series

The initiation series builds a foundation for Oriental shamanism by preparing the body, will and energy system. It teaches movement structures, physical training methods and chi cultivation that is applied specifically to energy awakening, healing and balancing.

1. Gravity Series

Gravity is a very beautiful, simple system of elegant movements that align the practitioner with the six directions and establishes the foundation for the luminous cocoon as an energy bubble to be tangibly realized. This series activates the capacity for the practitioner of Lo Ban Pai to connect with the inner workings of the fascia via internal alignments that are applied within every other form in the system. It is an indoor practice deeply grounded within the internal workings of Lo Ban Pai. Though Gravity contains advanced teachings, it is an important system to be implemented at the very beginning since it contains crucial principles for all following programs.

2. Opening the Tao

This is a powerful movement set that enhances every aspect of Lo Ban Pai. Though this system was introduced by Lujan to the public only recently, Opening the Tao and Gravity are the mother forms, where all possibilities are birthed. These sequences give novices the immediate experience of the inherent power within their electromagnetic potential, which becomes available as voluminous magnetism felt within the hands and periphery of the body. Specific effects on the human bio-electromagnetic field become apparent through its orbits, which charge the DNA and initiate an irreversible catalyst toward trans-dimensional consciousness.

3.    Awakening the Energy Body

Awakening the Energy Body is the first of two initiation practices towards establishing the magnetic directional capacities of the practitioner. This program teaches dynamic exercises that open the meridian channels and encourage energy to stream through them. It contains Thunder Dance, Palm Activation training and the rarely taught Fire Turtles chi gong sequence. This form opens up the central channel, from the mid-spine to the sacrum, lengthening from the middle of the scapula to the base of the skull and activating synovial fluids between the joints. Strengthens muscular and tendon systems.

4.    Windlock System

The Windlock system provides the essential elements often neglected or concealed in most energy cultivation disciplines. It is a physical regimen that literally reshapes the body inside and out, stimulating energy flow whilst awakening the chakras and internal organs through specific, targeted shock motions that bring awareness towards the inguinal crease (also known as the Qua). The fundamentals of dragon coiling are introduced in this program. One of the most magnetic and electric of the initiation forms, Windlock is dynamic within its application and develops fortitude and directness.

5.  Initiation Consolidation (Optional)

The primary consolidation involves deep analysis of the fundamental roots of each movement and its energetic application in the programs of Gravity, Opening the Tao, Awakening the Energy Body, and Windlock System. Methods of integrating these four pillar series’ of Lo Ban Pai within a coherent rotational system are offered to create optimal practice routines.

Lo Ban Pai Intermediate Series

The intermediate series applies cultivated energy in trance-inducing movement and dynamic forms designed to channel chi and awareness for spiritual development by actively connecting with the principles of heaven and earth, which combine with the essence of man. The practitioner learns to direct internal chi in pragmatic and ever-evolving formats.

6.    Golden Lotus

The Golden Lotus series cultivates chi to stream through and restore balance to the physical and energy body. It functions similarly to ‘medical’ or ‘longevity’ chi gong, by absorbing and storing the mysterious luminescence that emanates from the full moon (known in Sanskrit as Soma). Applied in combination with the elemental meditation technique that is illustrated in the book Awakening the Third Eye, this graceful set awakens the capacity to become lucidly focused within ones dreams. Advanced dragon coiling is introduced in this sequence.

7.    Dragon’s Tears

Dragon’s Tears is the most trance-inducing of all the forms in Lo Ban Pai, which will prompt the practitioner to be guided by heart awareness to awaken the self within the highest vibrational frequency. This unique form is the master key to those who seek their freedom within the truth of their heart-path, for it will ultimately equip the seer to move forward with integrity and power within their life. This elegant sequence initiates the empty force as a powerful ally. Within this set are hidden static standing postures that develop the essence of Ling Kong Jing, which is the empty force that is initiated in connection to void consciousness.

8.    Whispering Palms

Whispering Palms is a signature form that transmits the fundamental esoteric keys for the entire movement family of Lo Ban Pai. It is a very deep energy cultivation practice and establishes a strong foundation for martial forms. This program instructs the practitioner in their internal integration with meditative awareness, which opens up the electromagnetic force to rise through the physical form and be utilized. It awakens the mysterious essence of one’s internal power.

9.    The Three Treasures

This powerful set cultivates the three treasures of Jing, Chi, and Shen, and is the essential foundation for all further intermediate practices within Lo Ban Pai. It is both a stand-alone energy cultivation form and – as they are learned – progressively integrates the two following movement sets of the intermediate series: Jaguar and Small Mountain.

10.    Jaguar Series

The Jaguar series focuses on advanced dragon coiling that integrates the lower cauldron, throat, and crown as one unit through the Fibonacci principle of spiraling. This in turn empowers the toroidal field of the heart to expand beyond its known limits. A forward-thrusting, spiraling motion system containing compact, close-quarter gestures, Jaguar movements appear where you don’t expect due to their uncanny speed.

11.    Small Mountain

Small Mountain completes the trinity begun by the Three Treasures. A dynamic combat set that is paired with the Jaguar series and adds straight line thrusting applications. This vital practice develops focus and third eye awareness applied in immediate recapitulation, or direct knowing. Incorporating blunt force and heavy electromagnetic impulses, it develops the potency of one’s personal gravity in terms of its outward expression manifesting as propulsive impact. Upon integration of this set consciousness shifts from one level to another very quickly.

12.  Intermediate Consolidation (Optional)

The Intermediate Consolidation involves deep analysis of the fundamental roots of each movement and its energetic application in the programs of Dragon’s Tears, Whispering Palms, The Three Treasures, Jaguar Series and Small Mountain.

13. Primordial Shen Gong: Sexual Cultivation Practice

This optional program is available to those who have learned Awakening the Energy Body, Windlock System and Golden Lotus. Primordial Shen Gong develops the first stages of Ling Kong Jing, which is the power of the empty force to move beyond the boundaries of the physical body. This precious jewel greatly enhances personal power and longevity.

Lo Ban Pai Advanced Series

This series encompasses cultivation and full integration of all aspects of Lo Ban Pai, both for esoteric development and optionally for martial application. A highly advanced level that fuses the outer and inner realities into a seamless whole.

14. Binding Roots (includes Temple Bagua)

Binding Roots is a partially moving form that utilizes half-moon stepping. Elegant and intensely magnetic, it beckons the void that is behind the universal chi. Binding Roots brings the cosmos into the temple of the body, whereby engaging with it one learns about the self through observing and experiencing the micro-macro interaction of the Tao expressing its mystery. This is the crowning jewel of the dynamic energy cultivation practices of the system and a unique manifestation of the internal art of Lo Ban Pai.

15. Shadow Fist Fundamentals

Shadow Fist Fundamentals introduces the initiate to the foundation of the Shadow Fist Kung Fu system of Lo Ban Pai. It is a dynamic set of movements that incorporate simultaneous attack and defense reflexive routines. This trains the physiological neural net to respond with speed and efficiency and correspondingly develops power and directness within the mood of the warrior.

16. Plum Blossom

The Plum Blossom set is the culminating integration of the dynamic coiling motions, awakened energy, and awareness cultivated through preceding practices. It expresses the heart of the warrior spirit actively – as a martial skill if required – but principally to provide energetic forbearance against the forces that seek to subdue one’s unique expression.

This program also includes a form called Beautiful Springtime, which is an integral part of the short-force martial arts application. Beautiful Springtime is taught in correspondence with the Plum Blossom and the Wooden Dummy.

17. Shadow Fist Kung Fu: Advanced Techniques

Shadow Fist fully articulates the internal principles of Lo Ban Pai as a formidable martial form. Powered by activated vortexes in the energy field, it is employed to fortify and shield the warrior while fully engaged in life and the pursuit of spiritual growth. Incorporating sticking and pushing-hands, it includes exact translations of wooden dummy techniques into partner training routines. This was the art used to protect royalty, a testament to the possibilities of translating energy cultivation into real-world application.

18.  Advanced Consolidation (Optional)

The Advanced Consolidation involves deep analysis of the fundamental roots of each movement and its energetic application in the programs of Binding Roots (including Temple Bagua), Shadow Fist Fundamentals, Plum Blossom and Shadow Fist Advanced Techniques.


Healing Retreat

This is a bodywork and counseling program. During these one-on-one sessions Lujan will work on any blockages held in the body and will assist in processing any emotional upheavals that occur.

Healing Practitioner Training

This two-week training transmits a very rare bodywork method of ancient oriental healing. It uses the principles of dragon coiling to transform and restore balance. Students learn to apply it on others and may wish to offer treatment to friends and family or add it to an existing practice. This is a complete course for learning the method.

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