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Becoming More Youthful Through Opening the Tao

opening-the-taoOpening the Tao is a powerful movement set that enhances every aspect of Lo Ban Pai. Specific effects on the human bio-electromagnetic field become apparent through its orbits, which charge the DNA and initiate an irreversible catalyst toward trans-dimensional consciousness.


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I feel like I’m 16 again and only a step away from looking like it.

We were three in a group enthusiastically learning Windlock and Awakening the Energy Body systems. It was simply amazing to experience Lujan’s gentle and loving touch while guiding us throughout the learning process of the physical movements and moreover of living in the heart and with integrity. His teachings are holistic, going way beyond the physical nature of practicing.

We approached many subjects such as becoming the life journey, letting go of any idea of control, the illusion of reality, health and nutrition despite destructive social programming, detox, true and heartfelt communication, harmonious and sustainable lifestyle on our planet. The time seemed to dilate and yet went by so quickly. It was such an enriching experience! I rediscovered the kid inside me who enthusiastically learned the movements and enjoyed feeling the generated magnetism and energy!

From the very beginning, Lujan added so generously Opening the Tao to our practice and in a couple of days, we understood why. This system is the trigger to immediately access intense magnetism leading to an enhanced impact and results of any of the subsequently practiced systems.

The movements of Opening the Tao and Windlock combined with special breathing techniques generate a heavy magnetism that surrounds the body, while the orbits following each set enable gathering and sealing it. It is an amazing sensation everyone should experience!

And that’s not all. My body started a profound cleanse reactivating lymphatics and eliminating acidity from muscles, sinuses, and lungs. I couldn’t believe that although I am vegan for some time, there were still so many residues blocking my body to properly function and rejuvenate.

Realizations started to manifest during our daily practice and towards the end of the second week, I was able to see rays of misty light in the middle of the room. I blinked a few times thinking there was something wrong with my eyes. Lujan explained that the exercises create a vacuum joining the physical and energy bodies through the elliptical orbits. This is how one can access higher frequencies, see the light generated by the body and even get in contact with evolved beings. I felt so grateful for this experience!!!

There was only one concern running through my mind: how to integrate practicing the three systems into my daily schedule of a typical employee, away from home approximately 10-11 hours every day? As a parenthesis, every evening, I practice Dragon’s Tears (for more than one and a half years now) and Golden Lotus (for the last three months).

Once back home, I decided to follow Lujan’s advice and split the practice throughout the day so as to be able to go through all learned systems. After a quick warm-up early morning, as recommended by Lujan, I begin with Opening the Tao, then continue with either Windlock or Awakening the Energy Body or Dragon’s Tears and Golden Lotus. I thus start the day with an intense feeling of magnetism, light and energy.

The addition of Opening the Tao to the Dragon’s Tears and Golden Lotus systems enabled me to reach a deeper state of silence and bliss. Back to work doesn’t look so scary anymore. I see with more clarity the social patterns almost all try to enforce on me or others and, if relevant, I respond with love and compassion.

My body gets smarter day by day, moving with a mind of its own, spiraling like a seedling eager to absorb light and energy. I feel healthier, stronger and leaner, fully empowered to progress!

Thank you, Lujan, for such amazing gifts.


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  1. This is very inspirational, Daniela. Thank you.

  2. Awesome! Thank you for sharing this. It has impacted me very positively and motivated me to get even more done throughout the day.

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