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Mindfulness Meditation

mindfulness-meditationThis is the beginning of a series of meditation videos, eventually going through various subject matter. What I would like you to do with this video is to discover the content of your own internal self-disrupting what you are listening to, via the force of your own internal discordance revealing the interruptive force that is arising to be witnessed.

You will realize this when the portion of the video that alerted you to become involved disrupts the meaning through your own input. Attempt to understand the meaning in this way.

Follow the flow before you begin your meditation while you listen. As it seats you in silence realize that your realizations, no matter how beautiful, will inevitably disrupt your internal mindfulness arising to fully encompass your meditative state via stillness.

I know that this will seem contradictory for some of you. Beautiful realizations are as such; beautiful. But as we witness them like a mist or a cloud rising in front of us, we begin to realize they beckon recognition.

So tenderly and softly must we observe this phenomenon, because behind the impetus of this emergence is the heart attempting to be full within its own capacity to arise without the substance of meaning, to unveil its true purpose.

Mindfulness Meditation – The Reflective Mirror of Mindfulness

(Scroll down for audiovisual version)

Here is where we begin the subtle journey towards one’s life path viewed from within. The technique I am about to describe is called The Reflective Mirror and it is an essential preliminary practice to bring awareness into alignment with the true integration of the senses into the mysteries of mindfulness.

Imagine that your internal eye is gazing upon the intricate subtleties of your heart center. Choose something within your environment to reflect upon. Anything will do.

Simultaneously view the object while immersed in the feeling of your heart frequency. Realize that, as you see it, it sees you.

Everything you encounter, be aware of the perception that merges with you. You are everything and everything is you, in terms of the feeling that presses from your heart, through your eyes, to what you gaze upon.

Be immersed within the union that is ever-presently available to you, that we have been isolated from by virtue of the fact that our individuality gives us the illusionary appearance of separation.

On your journey in life, when coming upon another human being, view them as you view yourself, while you are immersed in your own heartfelt feelings. This will deliver you into the ever-present potency of internal reflective union.

Listen to that person intently, giving them your full attention, your whole-heartedness. Watch every gesture that emerges. The feelings you are observing will locate themselves within you for unbiased observation. At this point they are a knowing that must at no time become your doing.

Take one step back into your empty being that is flourishing with fullness, for nothing can be made rightfully certain, for this is the barrier preventing one from truly understanding what cannot be understood. Everything must be observed, as a not-doing of oneself. The subtle frequency that touches upon your emptiness will sing the melody that cannot be preemptively sung.

Be without effort. Remember to keep your heart light. Do not seek to speak to yourself about what you have discovered, for this may be the illusion affirming itself through the echoes of its own repetitiveness. Remember, you are non-locatable.

Listening intently allows the circumstance to truly unfold. This is one of the first steps away from obsessively reflecting on one’s self-identification.

Do not seek personal validation. Do not add any personal micro-gestures, or subtle inflections, arising from your observations.

Practice this awareness for the entirety of your life. Attempt at every point of your journey to be of service to that which is beckoning to be witnessed. For it is within the mystery of this communion that true wisdom arises.

Observe the mistakes that another’s perception may come upon your being by virtue of the fact that you are not there to be found. The dissident frequency emitted has encased within it the subtle hand of mysteriousness, coming upon itself to be witnessed.

Become aware of your bindings, your conditioned programming, through this practice. Remember, do not be in a state of discordance. Be gentle with your words and refined within your gestures. For within this softness, the true enigmatic nature of your being will become available.

Love and honor the other that you are gazing upon as if they were yourself, for in actuality they are, at this moment, uncovering the inwardly bound inactions that reveal the reflection of your internal mirror to be gazed upon. Here you may discover where your words will erupt in service of the circumstances, or in servitude to your own self-righteousness.

Give your time to others as if their time was your time to be given. Be careful not to stir up feelings that are in discordance with the circumstances, for they may reveal the burden of the internal suffering that is the combined self being witnessed. This is to recognize the unruly dissidence of self-validation.

Do not be offended at any point, for this will only reveal where you are truly located within yourself.

Become aware that all the opposing forces that are disruptive that appear within you must be undone by not doing them. For the only way to find oneself, in reality, is to discover that you don’t do what others have done, which unveils what you have undone within the labyrinth of your own journey.

Move gently away from the obsessive social self. This will ultimately identify the tenderness that resides within the chambers of one’s heart. These subtle actions within themselves will allow you to merge with the unity that resides within.

Though this may seem contradictory, in doing this you will begin to become aware of those isolated elements that may be preventing you from being whole.

To become somebody you must essentially be nobody. And within the form of formlessness, nothing reveals itself to be something. From the standpoint of no mind, the heart begins to speak. The witness thus begins to reflect upon what is being witnessed via the fact that it arose from its true origin.

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  1. A big smile and wave of happiness just came upon me. Thank you.

  2. Should we do this meditation with open eyes or closed eyes?

    • Closed eyes. Allow the words to move your consciousness away from the previous statements. Flow into your realizations and flow out of them into another. This will give you a feeling of emptiness and the capacity to forget what you know to come upon what your new perception allows you to gently contend with.

      As you go through the listening it will set you up in a state of silence. Every statement has a foundation in truth. Truth arises from essentially nowhere and delivers you to this elusive field of meditation. Whether it be sitting or as you advance in your general activity.

  3. Lots of Love to you beautiful beings.
    A big Thanks to all of you.
    The energy of Love flows out and in my center where all opposites unite.
    oneness and emptiness. a dance of energy that constantly changing.
    so good to be alive. so good to be who am i, to be who i allways was and will be.
    just love and trust and remembering.
    Love to you mr and mrs matus
    see you

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