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I have been inspired deeply by Lujan Matus and his teachings. I have just left school but I started my spiritual journey around 6 weeks ago. It all started with circles and the colour white which has been my favourite colour from a young child. I started to research about circles and their symbolic meaning. This lead me to the moon and the moon led me to my heart and my heart led me on this journey. I used to compose poems as a young child and I started to see patterns in my poetry. Transparency, white, divinity, fear, circles and love seemed to flow in every single one.

I decided I wanted to instead go and heal my back pain and hopefully find what I was looking for. I met a healer whilst I was visiting Thailand who told me about Lujan Matus, it was through sacred geometry I found Lujan, this was an extremely important sign and expression for me at the time. All of these shapes in my life were all of a sudden coming to a sense but I have faced all different types of emotional pain which I had repressed. Dealing with this for the first time left me in a very lonely place, I was on my own, alone and filled with doubt. It was just when I felt I couldn’t go on, I found the cosmic giggle. And it so happens that within the first ten minutes a symbol shows up, the star, triangle and hexagon. This was the symbol I saw in someone which awakened me to see something in my self. It was the reason I was on this journey. After the first week in this ashram I was walking through a garden and I looked down. I noticed that the floor was made up of hexagons, which was my first inspiration and feeling which lead me to the divine. All of a sudden I could feel tears in my eyes and an uncontrollable laugh of happiness, and I suddenly felt this infinite meaning and connection in everything.

I am in India healing and I have been through a significant amount of pain, the dark night of the soul. I am awakening to something and it’s very powerful and Lujan Matus and his teachings allowed me to come to terms and accept my journey so far. I have unlocked many things and been able to connect to the universe again in such amazing ways.

Lujan Matus’s teachings have helped me accept my experiences and allowed me to be more open to consciousness. I gained more strength and allowed my growing perception and self discovery to obtain truth and love. These teachings have allowed me to express myself to myself and become more confident. The reconnection is overwhelmingly powerful but blissful, I’m 19 and awakening to a whole new level and all of these signs have just completely transformed me. The last thing I really feel is being able to express this, I felt it deep inside. Separating from my fears was emotionally traumatic and scary but I was able to overcome some of my darkest nights through the love I experienced through these teachings.

After my releasing i wrote a poem called ‘The sea out of the mind’. It was created after a very powerful meditation. I gained the inspiration and awareness through studying Lujan Matus, connecting to the things he spoke about, gaining knowledge, the patterns of persistent shapes and colours. I would like to share this poem with you as lots of the ideas came from studying Lujan Matus and it is everything i was expressing which has got me to this point, thank you.

The sea out of the mind

Blossoming flowers as they Spring all this light,
dancing with powers and climbing to fight,
a beautiful essence which vibrates through the night,
an echo of morning and the sound of delight,
it twinkles through time on this magical kite, a shapeless divine which you chase through your life.

Swaying your hands in a place of despair, feeling the waves and the rippling air, something so strange you feel you should bear,
a feeling so quaint but with a beautiful care. A magical power you can feel in your hair, chasing your dreams in memories still there, as you hold on to light with a fear which you wear,

Open your eyes, I promise I’m there.

Feeling the faint as it rocks through your mind, a shadow of you which is suddenly mine, a meaning of you as you hide through the skies, lost in the zoom or caught in behind. I open my senses and unlock all the signs,

The lyrical flow is the sea in your mind, let it all go, and see what you find.

Mimi Sweet



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