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I first stumbled upon the books of Lujan Matus on Amazon a few years ago, and was instantly intrigued by the possibility of there being a living exponent of the teachings of the Toltec tradition I was familiar with from the Castaneda books. I was aware that there is a lot of information casting doubts on the authenticity of Castaneda’s descriptions of a Toltec lineage, and I thought that there might well be scam artists making claims of connection to Don Juan, but the feeling from what I could see on the amazon page told me this was the real deal.

When I got the books I thought they were rather hard to understand, more difficult than the works of Castaneda, but I had a definite impression that Lujan knew exactly what he was talking about, and that this was a very rare work. Some of the information made me a little uneasy. As I recall it I was profoundly shocked on a bodily level by the implications of the information about the shadow beings in The Art of Stalking Parallel Perception. I hadn’t wanted to focus too much on possible sinister powers in the universe, but it seemed to me now that there was no way around taking those forces into account. I read the first three books at that time, but since I was mostly dealing with spirituality on an intellectual level at the time, I didn’t spend too much time with the exercises, and I moved on to studying other material.

A couple of years later there was huge upheaval in my life, and many things that I had previously only been reading about in spiritual literature was now a tangible reality in my life. I have no doubt that I was starting transition to what is called fourth density, although it crashed. I experienced wilder things than I had read about, and there didn’t seem to be too many spiritual sources that could help me make sense of the experiences. I read Awakening the Third Eye once again, and it really seemed to have some unique information that confirmed my own experiences. I was astonished to suddenly experience what is described in that book as the externalization of internal imagery.

The interview on Consciousness of Economics came out at a time of great movement for me, and it was the only spiritual input I had had for a long time from public sources. I thought it was very interesting to listen to, but I had the feeling of not getting a lot of what was said. However, it turned out that whatever my intellectual capacity got out of it was nothing compared to the changes in my energetic body. I experienced a massive influx of energy and inner silence, and a heightening of my emotional capacity. I think there was a direct transmission of the benefits of the exercise described at the end, of turning the eyes inward and the ears outward. I literally felt like I had had a massive dose of psychedelics. I thought that Lujan’s interview must be a rare cosmic gift because I didn’t think such a transmission via Youtube was possible at all. The interview showed me how crucial inner silence is in being present and balanced in communication with others, as I had never before been able to feel others as clearly.

I bought the last book, Whisperings of the Dragon, and there seemed to be a sort of transmission through the pages of the book, which I have not experienced before. Although I didn’t quite consciously grasp everything that was written, the mere reading of it produced energetic changes. I did the exercises designed to induce dreaming awake and although I didn’t consciously think more about the book after I’d read it, looking back I’m suspecting that a period of great transformation and what I would consider to be the actual initiation of dreaming awake was in reality at least partly produced by reading the book (the book perfectly coincided with other development in my life). My reality became extremely fluid and I was experiencing a more direct link between consciousness and the manifestation of physical reality than ever before.

The reason I would like to learn Lo Ban Pai from Lujan is because I felt in my body while viewing the video interview some of the immense emotional and etheric energy he is exuding. I realize that I’m seriously deficient in several capacities, and that my mostly mental pursuits have skewed my spiritual anatomy. I would like to meet the world with the open eyes that the inner silence I felt from the interview showed me was possible.


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