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1-What I have learned:

Much of what I have gained from reading Lujan’s book and listening to his teachings has been more a reinforcement of my belief system than an acquisition of new knowledge, beliefs such as the following:

We are beings whose primary essence is light, in unity with all life, much more than our social programing can imagine.

We have been derailed from our mission in the Great Adventure of the Universe by dark forces.

The logical, rational left brain has come to dominate, rather than serve, through imposition of the inner dialogue, which keeps us separated from that primary essence by attempts to validate the self-importance of ego within social consensus, a very limiting confine which could alone perpetuate itself merely by the frustration it generates as light beings with infinite potential try to diminish ourselves to fit into such a narrow model.

We need to restore our being to the innocence of the child, that inner knower, who was primary before the onset of language, in order to realign with our higher purpose.

We are at a perilous crossroads in the evolution of the planet and the species, a crossroads at which we can tip the balance towards the light, if we apply our will, effort & intent.

There is an invisible realm, other worlds, other universes from which much assistance and guidance is available, if we can understand and act on how to access it.

A key to our freedom is to attain inner silence, in order to access a more holistic encompassment of our being, a being in which we are much more than we ever dreamed, part of the unified field, a unity that can be accessed as we listen in silence to the wisdom of the body for our next move, which can occur only by being fully present in the moment.

These are beliefs. I’d like to have direct knowledge. I’ve had insight into accessing this body wisdom, since listening to Lujan. I need to learn more.

2-How this has impacted my life:

It has filled me with new resolve, a renewed commitment to apply my will to this struggle. Though I understand don Juan Matus to have said something to the affect that “a warriors struggle is ultimately not with his fellow man, and is ultimately not a struggle at all but more of an acquiescence to forces in the sea of awareness”.

It has caused me to do strange things, like sign up for a workshop in a part of the world that I have never dreamed of visiting before with a person whose face I have never seen in order to learn more about how to engage in this “struggle”, to more effectively instigate positive change in the world in hopes of a return for our species to our true nature of infinite possibility and infinite light. In my mind there is no greater purpose one’s life can serve in this era than to be a part of the effort to restore ourselves to our stardust essence. It has caused me to have great hope that the human race and our astounding, stupendous planet may yet be restored to the beauty way that is our true path.

3-Why I want to learn shamanic movement/Lo Ban Pai:

Above are some of the reasons. There are other reasons. I’m completely smitten with the idea of learning a Qigong movement that I can do under the light of the full moon in my backyard. The mere adventure of going to this workshop in Thailand is enough. I recently lost two dear friends, younger than me and, though I intend to become a centenarian, I am at the age that my parents were when they died. I feel a need to prepare for my death.

However, the main reason I want to embark on this study is that I need the tools to strengthen my body, mind, and spirit, to increase my personal power and integrity in order to more effectively accomplish our mission as a species on this astonishing, magical planet. I want to learn effective ways to apply my will, effort, and intent so as to stay on the path of Light, to learn how to train; discipline my mind to acquiesce in silence and navigate the sea of awareness in service of Infinity, fully present in the here and now.

There is no deeper meaning in life than to serve Infinity. It is indeed an exceptional blessing, one I consider a great good fortune, to be pointed in this direction at this time. I bow my head in deep gratitude and appreciation to be guided to embrace this opportunity that is presenting itself on my path.

Blessed Be,

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