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I sat, reflecting on my experience: something was revealed. I witnessed myself in my daily interactions seeing clearly how my busy mind, through its continuous self-reflection hinders my engagement with the promise of the moment.

Such carelessness.. so much promise wasted.. and on what?

Musings.. This very confession..why?

To live without sin is to live without regret. My regrets are there. They have gathered clear focus. Every opportunity is present in my life for me to be a force for good in the lives of the beautiful people that nourish my existence yet I consistently come up short.. because I’m so very busy.. thinking about myself. Ouch. The truth.. ouch.

The realization lingers on, reverberating through my being in a soft angelic voice “it’s so easy Eder.. a smile here, a word of compassion there, respect, sincerity, presence of mind..” ouch. ouch. ouch.


Yes, that is where I am right now. Confessing my sins.

It’s not all bad news, far from. I feel strong and energized. The experience of connecting with my body and the energies around me deepens and I feel confident this will continue. This same confidence suggests I can begin to truly face my fears, the truths behind my inability to engage more fully with my life in full peace and trust.

Lujan Matus’ teachings have taken me to a state of being where the way forward is clear and growing certainty hints at its inevitability. For there is simply too much beauty surrounding my existence. I see it in the trees, the waters, the triumphs, the challenges, above all, I see it in my children and the precious moments we share. Best of all, I am once again experiencing the love that is all around me.

Thank you Lujan. Your teachings have changed my life. I feel increasingly happy, healthy and increasingly certain a life of genuine Freedom awaits.

Con aprecio,

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